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for a life full of energy?
Are you longing for a fulfilled sexual life?

Having an energetic sexuality is not a question of age, but a question of energy.

SESS is providing this energy! Your love-life will be boosted by the power of the traditionally used Chinese herbs:
This unique blend of 6 herbs - which have been used for a long time in traditional Chinese medicine - is designed to boost both your inner energy and vitality as well as to strengthen the immune system. Additional vitamins (B6, B12) as well as folic acid and zinc have a supportive role.

SESS may improve the energy flow in order that the "life force", Qi, can act again on the important organs: this may result in an improvement of your and your partner's love life and sexual experience.

Therefore, SESS seems to be particularly important for men and women over 40.

Who should take SESS?

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  • Basically men and women over 40 who wish to reactivate their love life.
  • Men who are having problems with lacking sexual appetite due to exhaustion or reasons of age.
  • Men who want to enjoy sex even more.
  • Women whose sexual desire is reduced and who therefore are having problems with their partners.

Important information:

  • SESS is not a medication, but a dietary supplement.
  • SESS is not claiming any potency promoting effect of pharmaceuticals.
  • SESS is not applicable during convalescence of sick people.
  • SESS is available without prescription in your pharmacy or in our online-shop.

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