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The power of SESS is based on the effect of the 6 herbal ingredients that are well-known in the Chinese herbal tradition, used to support pleasures of love. This effect is supported by the presence of vitamins (B6, B12), folic acid and zinc.

According to specialised literature and to long-time experience in the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with main focus on "the application of Chinese herbs", the following qualities are attributed to the single herbal ingredients:

Chinese Yam (Rhizoma Dioscoreae)

Rhizoma Dioscoreae Chinese Yam is a very well known root tuber, used in both TCM and nutrition. This root promotes the function of kidney essence* and digestion and therefore strengthens the Universal Life Force, the Qi

Liquorice Root (Radix Liquiritiae)

Radix Liquiritiae The use of this plant is well established as both food flavouring and medication, even in the Western countries. It has a purifying and disinfectant effect on all body fluids. It is appreciated in TCM due to its ability to harmonise and energise both organs and meridians.

Gorgon Fruit (Semen Euryales)

Semen Euryales According to Chinese experience and tradition it is said to improve energy levels in the elderly and slow down the aging process. This semen apparently has favourable effects on kidney energy (reducing the urge to urinate in general and in the night). It is also said to promote the sexual energy (thus improving the sexual ability). This effect is magnified especially if used in combination with Chinese yams.

Chinese Wolfsberry (Fructus Lycii)

Fructus Lycii Also known as: Matrimony Vine. Originally from China, it also grows in the United States. This tasty red fruit contains antioxidants and a high concentration of the amino acid L-Leucine. Chinese Wolfsberry is generally said to have positive effects on the energy of the lower back and the eyes. Due to its generalised vitalising effect it is an ingredient of the famous eight-treasures-soup and many types of tea. In China it belongs to the group of the so-called longevity tonics. In ancient China it was so valuable that it was used as a medium of exchange.

Job's Tears (Semen Coicis)

Semen Coicis Used as food grain in China and in the West. According to the traditional use, Job's tears are said to positively affect skin and stomach. Basically it purifies the body fluids and improves their flow.

Lily (Bulbus Lilii)

Bulbus Lilii In Asia often used in soups because it prevents the lack of fluids in old age and skin dryness. Also used in TCM for the treatment of insomnia, and - during the cold time of the year - for strengthening the immune system (especially in the throat). It is also known in the West, where it is applied for the treatment of general "female complaints".

* the quoted organs are used in terms of TCM.

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